Catherine Olen
- Author -


Catherine Olen has chronicled her forty-year love affair with all thing Disney with her scavenger hunt series. Catherine's joy and enthusiasm for Disneyland and Walt Disney World grows each year.

Catherine's love of the Universal theme parks began in 1976 with her first visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. Catherine frequents the Hollywood and Orlando Universal theme parks multiple times a year and is thrilled by the movie based attractions.

My books

Scavenger Hunt series

Join in the fun with the Great Scavenger Hunt series of books. Challenge yourself to find all of the hidden treasure throughout the theme parks.

Bucket list series

Do not miss a thing on your next theme park vacation with Catherine's Ultimate Bucket List series. Whether you enjoy planning or sponteneity, the Ultimate Bucket list is your perfect companion.

World's Greatest Movie Trivia

Catherine's latest series World's Great Movie Trivia give you a new way to watch your favorite animated movies. See how much you know about these family films with World's Greatest Movie Trivia.